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The professional world of an arquitect or a Designer is evolving by leaps and bounds. Now a days laptop have occupied an essential place on the table of an arquitect . Whether student or professional .

The doubt arises when you have to choose the perfect cumputer for you¡¡¡ Depending what you need , you will choose one of another . To do this , i have divided into a different types of laptops that you can choose.

But first lets start as an Student . As a genearl rules , i would recommend of course a laptop , you will need it to travel , from home and from class . Also , as an arquitect you will be using your laptop a lot .

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The programs that we use requiere a poweful laptop with a good ventilation . for example ; AUTOCAD , SKETCHUP , RHINO ,3DMAX ,VRAY , LUMION ,PHOTOSHOP… ETC

I totally recommend you to focus on a GAMING laptop .Nowadays , you will find super powerful and thinner than before . The new designs are just amazing . Every time a company launch a new laptop its just an experience for me , every of those programs requieres more powerfull laptops . and those companys are doing a really good job .

Some of the laptops i really recommend are : MSI , ASUS , DELL , HP OMEN …LEGION…

NOW , if you are an arquitect , Apple is not ready for you , YET . Out there you will absolutely find a better options than a MacBook Pro . I am 100 % sure .


The first and the most obvious reason is its price . They are excessively expensive equiptment , to the point tha you could buy 2 windows for the price of one Macbook . In the end it would give you practically the same functionality .

The second reason is that if you want to use it to play games , you can say goodbye to Mac because directly neither the Macbook Air o Macbook Pro have dedicated Graphics that allow you to do so in a dignified way . What’s more , give the high resolution of their screens , even the lighttest game perform poorly , so int this area you are limited to Windows laptops .

On the other hand, even if you are looking for portability, there are many computers from various manufacturers that are so thin, light and with the same autonomy or more than Macs, so much cheaper alternatives you will always be able to find without too many problems. It is true that in this regard the MacBook Air (and even the MacBook to dry) stand out a lot, but they are not the best of the best either.

My opinion is that, due to its price and the closedness of its ecosystem, unless you are a professional who has very specific needs or for some reason you need to "pretend" with the brand, your best option will always be a laptop with Windows or even with Linux because you will have the same or better and for less money. At the end of the day, Apple equipment is not notable for its performance, and in general you are paying more for the brand and the theoretical exclusivity than for a good piece of hardware.

And there is not much more to add, although of course it will depend on the preferences of the users. Without going any further, we got to have a Mac just out of curiosity to try it, and although the sensations were very good, we felt very limited at all times since the equipment did not cover our final needs.

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Interior Designer , Content Creator , Ex Cabin Crew

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Karla Fraga

Karla Fraga

Interior Designer , Content Creator , Ex Cabin Crew

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